Dead Ink is a hardcore souls-like based on a unique 3D-printing core mechanic. It is set in top-down view of a vertiginous hand-crafted tower with uncompromising and punishing combat. No procedural generation, every room, item and enemy placement is made deliberately. Start your run by choosing a loadout and sending it as a print job to a destination printer. Each printer has a limited amount of ink which can be restocked by harvesting it from fallen enemies. Think of it like a souls game, but where bonfires are 3D printers and souls are ink. However, running out of ink will result in a game over and starting from scratch.


Dead Ink is currently under development by a solo developer using a custom in-house engine. This means that every aspect of the game - from the core animation, sound, lighting and gameplay - are designed by hand for an entirely custom look and feel. The first release is planned for PC through the Steam store.


  • A hardcore, punishing souls-like with a unique 3D-printing core mechanic
  • Unravel a twisted, nonlinear, hand-crafted vertical environment
  • Anticipated 6-10 hour play time with a variety of weapons, enemies and bosses
  • Harvest ink from enemies and use it to print yourself, weapons and items
  • Choose how to spend your ink — on better gear, making more attempts, or on blueprint upgrades
  • Running out of ink is game over


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