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In the year 2207 the quantum state of your brain was encoded in a stream of photons and beamed into the cosmos. A pioneer of a glorious new age of light-speed travel, destined for fame and glory... at least that was the plan.


Plunged into a hostile world where every being is made of ink and manufactured at 3D printers, you must harvest ink to survive. Fight your way down a hand-crafted labyrinthine tower in this hardcore melee combat experience.


Choose between printing the best gear with your hard-won ink, or using it sparingly to get more chances. Can you escape from the tower or will you run out of ink?


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  • Souls-like with a unique 3D-printing core mechanic
  • Unravel a nonlinear, hand-crafted vertical environment
  • Harvest ink from enemies and use it to print your corporeal form, weapons and items
  • Choose how to spend your ink — on better gear, making more attempts, or on blueprint upgrades
  • Running out of ink is game over


Dead Ink is designed as a hardcore experience with uncompromising and punishing combat. Running out of ink will result in a game over and starting from scratch.


Dead Ink is a solo souls-like experience that takes place in a hand-crafted tower. No procedural generation, every room, item and enemy placement is made deliberately.


Start your run by choosing a loadout and sending it as a print job to a destination printer. Each printer has a limited amount of ink which can be restocked by harvesting it from fallen enemies. Printers and blueprints for additional gear are hidden throughout the tower waiting to be discovered.


Dead Ink is available now on Steam (PC) with additional platforms to follow.